Power your home, business or mobility using clean free energy from the sun.

Electrical energy from solar photovoltaic (PV) panels is the cheapest and cleanest form of energy on the planet.

What’s more, it can be simply fixed to your roof or a stand alone structure without any of the fuss associated with grid connection. Depending on your energy needs, location, space and budget, we provide either off grid or hybrid solutions and consultancy.

solar panels
Off-grid and hybrid solutions

Produce your own electricity and be completely independent from energy companies with off-grid solar or significantly reduce your bills with hybrid solar. 

  • Enjoy clean and free energy
  • No worries about drastically increasing energy prices
  • Bureaucratic and contract free solution
  • Use solar panels with batteries for free nighttime energy

Solar Electric Club will:

  • Assess your energy requirements
  • Design a system that fits your space and budget
  • Install your solar system
  • Provide ongoing maintenance
  • Advise and train you for optimising the life of your solar system and batteries.
Solar Consultancy

Selecting and sizing the correct solar off grid or hybrid system takes experience and knowledge of the technology. We can help you make the right choice with our consultancy service.

Consultant solar installation


Examples of projects we can design for you.
flat solar panel

Hybrid (with batteries) 4 bedroom summer house, Port Rafti, Greece

Design, materials and installation of a 24 panel 6 kWp solar installation with 6 x 5kW Inverters, and 7 kWh battery.

Cost: €14,500



solar panel

Off grid 2 bedroom house, Kouvaras, Greece

Design, materials and installation of a 16 panel 4.5 kWp solar installation with 8 kW Victron Inverter, Outback Charge controller and 14 kWh battery.

Cost: €15,000



small flat solar panels

Hybrid (without batteries) 2 bedroom house, Athens, Greece

Design, materials and installation of an 8 panel 2 kWp solar installation with 1 x 5k inverter.

Cost: €2,500