As we have always said it all boils down to the bottom line, we all want a better world, we are all worried about climate change and support clean technology but how much is it going to cost and can I really make savings?

The answer is solar costs 2.3 euros a watt to install. and therefore a 16 panel 4kw solar system that may produce 16 kwh a day on average will cost € 9,200. 16 kwh solar PV electricity production per day equates to 85km of driving an electric vehicle in a day, that’s 31,025 km per year.

If you were to drive 31,025 km in a year in a petrol car then that would cost @20km/litre @ € 1.65 / litre = €2,559.

So if you can save €2,559 per year then in 3.6 years you will have saved the equivalent of the purchase and installation cost of the solar system. If you include the cost of a smart charger costing €900 then in a little under 4 years you will have saved the total cost of equipment and after a further 21 years when the solar system reaches end of life you will have saved €2,559 x 21 = €53,739.

So there it is in a nutshell, lifetime financial cost to you and the planet is hugely lower but there’s an initial investment.

The options are:

  • Pay lump sum from your savings
  • Obtain a loan from a bank. Loans for such ‘Green’ purchases are becoming generally more supported by the banks if there is a defined financial plan. We can also help you with this on a case by case basis.

Chargers, Solar Electric Panels & Electric Vehicles

Combining the 3 main elements of electric vehicle, charger and solar system within a one stop shop bundle that is specifically sized to suit the individual’s needs is an offer we believe adds value. We envisage in the future working with partners to offer affordable financing to facilitate such an offer. Once things start to role and we have sufficient numbers of customers then we can offer great prices courtesy of bulk purchasing.