Welcome to the Solar Electric Club, we’re here to make electric mobility easy and affordable for all. We know it can be a big investment such as solar panels and electric vehicles, batteries and chargers.

Buy or lease an electric vehicle, convert your bike with an electric battery, install solar panels at home or for your business and receive the latest Solar Electric Club news to your inbox each quarter.


Currently just the outright purchase option is available but we do envisage working with banks and other financial partners to offer favourable leasing deals. Our cars, currently Nissan Leafs are all obtained from the used car market and have been drive tested and their battery condition verified using digital diagnostic equipment. We of course share all this data with our customers as part of our piece of mind and open and transparent pledge however we cannot offer a guarantee beyond that given by the original equipment manufacturer.

Please bear in mind electric vehicles are beautifully simple without gearboxes, pistons, valves, carburettors, clutches and other complex features of internal combustion engine vehicles so there’s basically less moving parts and less reasons for mechanical failure. Public car sharing as an alternative to outright ownership is also very much on our radar for the future to reduce car numbers in cities and minimise the time cars spend idle. Sharing vehicles within a company fleet is something we fully endorse. All Solar Electric Club members are at liberty to purchase their electric vehicle from any source such as a main dealer who can offer easy financial options and guarantees, but this comes at a cost of course.


How, when & where to charge

For most individual electric vehicle drivers, a 3.6kw home charger is the default option that charges @12 miles in 1 hour or a full zero to full 80 miles charge in 6.7 hours. If for some reason home charging is not an option then there are sometimes charge points in public locations but currently they are few and far between, something we want to redress with our Solar Electric Club network concept where other electric vehicle drivers share their charging facilities combined with a smart app that can log usage.

Destination charging at work, shopping or leisure for example is a great way to recharge your electric vehicle especially if that location is part of the Solar Electric Club, meaning the energy you use is mostly generated cleanly. Our charging equipment is sourced from EO in the UK and exists in different designs ranging from simple compact mini wall boxers to more sophisticated smart devices up to 22kw in power. V2H (Vehicle to house) charging where instead of receiving energy from the house or grid, the car actually provides energy from its large traction battery is a technology we are currently developing and will let you know when it’s ready.


Chargers, Solar Electric Panels & Electric Vehicles

Combining the 3 main elements of electric vehicle, charger and solar system within a one stop shop bundle that is specifically sized to suit the individual’s needs is an offer we believe adds value. We envisage in the future working with partners to offer affordable financing to facilitate such an offer. Once things start to role and we have sufficient numbers of customers then we can offer great prices courtesy of bulk purchasing.


Buy from us or from our partners

The following partners are Solar Electric Club members and can help you buy electric vehicles.