Bikes are a beautiful and simple invention that got a whole lot better with electrification for city commuters and leisure cyclists alike who have not ventured out due to concerns about riding up big hills and keeping up with other traffic. If you have the heart and lungs of a 20 year old then go for the simplicity of regular pedal power plus if you fancy a good workout, but for the rest of us who want to get to work and back without breaking too much of a sweat then electric bikes are great alternative to cars.

Bikes are of course easy to park, no license required, not taxed, fun to ride and healthy. Our bikes have 5 pedal assist settings so you can add as much motor power to your pedal power as you wish, but remember more motor, less range. Less motor usage more range plus strong thigh, heart and lung muscles! Maximum range is around 40-50km ridden gently. Legally top speed cannot exceed 25km/hour.



We take used bikes from the market and customers own bikes they want to convert. The classic conversion uses a 250 watt mid drive motor located near the pedals which gives more torque for acceleration and hill climbs or a hub motor located more discretely on the back wheel which is very similar to mid drives but just slightly less torque and more top speed. We also make more powerful conversions for off road use to customers’ individual requirements and specifications that may include twist grip throttles that allow easy starting on an incline which unfortunately do not conform to EU bike regulations. Electric bikes do not need such a high number of gears and we generally disable the smaller crank gears. This also takes a little strain off the chain which is normally a high ware item. Bikes need simple but quite regular maintenance which is easy to do yourself like chain lubrication or you can ask us to help for more challenging tasks.


We make our own batteries for our bikes

Our classic own built bike battery is a high spec 36v 14Ah pack comprising 5 parallel wired sets of 13 series connected brand new 18650 Sanyo 3350mAh cells packaged in a Hailong casing mounted on the current bike downtube. We also make higher power 48v designs to order and with increased Ah to give more range packaged in our own pack integrated in our own custom bikes. We also plan to run battery design and construction courses for bikes, power banks and bigger power walls to run a house.

Batteries are measure by their capacity in Ah, their voltage and power which is a product of multiplying volts by amps so our classic 36 volt 14 Ah model has 504 watt/hours or 0.5kw/hours which may provide up to 40km range if ridden carefully on the flat with pedal assist.


Enjoy electric mobility on a tour

Aimed at tourists staying in Athens or locals looking to enjoy the mountain forest behind Avlaki and Porto Rafti we run all day bike tours starting at Koropi station at 10.30am (last stop before Athens airport) and continuing along side roads up to Helios Eco Lab in the Rethi mountain forest where we stop for a guided tour of the solar systems and other sustainability devices, enjoy a light lunch, then in the warmer months continuing along the forest trails to one the local beaches for a swim, stand up paddle (wind permitting) then back to Koropi station by 6.30. We cater from 5 persons to 10 persons with regular non electric bikes or electric bikes. For any off road riding we ask for reasonably proficient riders only please and minimum age 13 years.

We provide basic tuition of how to operate an electric bike. Helmets are obligatory, so too proper training shoes, no flip flops allowed. We also highly recommend protective lightweight clothing with the least bare skin as possible to protect against the sun or the unlikely event of falling off. The tour guide can carry your beach towels, small personal items and swim wear in a cargo bike but no more please or carry yourself in your own backpack. Price 70 euros each.