Travel further for less with e-bikes

Get to work and back without breaking a sweat with an electric bike or simply make those big hills seem flat on longer recreational rides. Rather than buying a cheap poor quality Chinese e-bike consider a local hand built Solar Electric Club conversion of your existing pedal bike thus reducing your environmental impact.

e-bike conversion
E-bikes Conversion

Go further with your existing bike with a custom electric bike conversion. 

  • Battery made to suit your budget and range
  • Mid drive (Motors by the pedal crank) or hub motors (Motors on the back wheel) that fit your existing bike
  • Choose a battery casing to suit your style
  • Reduce your carbon footprint by going local
Custom made e-bikes

We build custom e-bikes or custom battery enclosures. Shown here is the custom battery enclosure for Coco Mat wooden bikes. 

  • Battery assist riding
  • Mid drive or hub drive
  • Work with us to design your own e-bike 
custom made e-bikes
e-bikes repair
E-bikes repairs

  • Adjust brakes and gears
  • Service or replace battery pack
  • General bike maintenance


Examples of e-bikes we can design for you.
ebike conversion unisex

Unisex E-bike conversion

E-bike conversion.


e-bike conversion

E-bike conversion

A mid drive 250 watt motor (located by the pedals) combined with a 36v 14 Ah battery for power and range (35 km range).


cyber e-bike

Cyber E-bike

Custom made e-bike.