Store, use or move your energy whenever and wherever you need it.

Hand in hand with all forms of solar energy is storing the energy in high power and low weight lithium batteries. From storing solar energy at home to powering your bikes on the move, the Solar Electric Club provides you with battery solutions to suit your needs and budget. We are also specialists in repairing lithium batteries.

Discarding part used battery cells is very wasteful, harmful to the environment and unnecessary, especially where over half the capacity remains. For powerwall and power applications we are able to offer a choice of brand new cells or fully tested used cells where budget is a big factor or where adding additional batteries is acceptable.

home batteries
Domestic energy storage

Make solar work all year round by storing energy and reduce your reliance on grid energy for when the sun goes down and maximise your solar PV output.

  • Batteries built to order
  • Expert advice for new solar systems or retrofitting existing systems
  • Capacity from 5 – 25 kW hours
  • Battery Management System to protect and prolong battery life
  • Built in Greece using new or fully tested used cells at your request
Portable power stations 1kW- 5kW

Instead of a noisy, smelly, polluting petrol generator get a custom made portable power station using light-weight, compact high-capacity Lithium-Ion batteries. Made to order to suit your needs, budget and style.

  • Perfect for a day at the beach or a weekend camping
  • Bigger 5kW station can power a small cottage.
  • Use power tools in isolated locations
  • Charge your phone or laptop
  • Battery management system for all lithium batteries
  • Unique battery housing to suit your budget
  • Built in Greece using new or refurbished cells at your request
  • Connect to a portable solar panel for clean recharging
portable power station
Battery repairs

To prevent prematurely wasting batteries from broken or discarded devices, Solar electric club can refurbish and reuse them. Before throwing away your e-scooter, e-bike or power wall, get in touch to see if we can give it a new lease of life.

  • Testing the capacity of the used batteries and discharge rates
  • Safely disposing and recycling usable parts
  • Pairing together batteries with similar charges to ensure they are balanced 
  • Adding a battery management systems (BMS) to regulate charging
  • Housing the batteries within a secure enclosures
E-bike batteries

Go further with your e-bike using Solar electric club’s custom built e-bike batteries. 

  • Up to 60km range with a 36 volt battery 14 amp hour battery
  • 48volt and 72volt batteries available on request.
  • New 18650 3350mAh cells packaged in custom clear, cylindrical or Hailong casing to suit your bike
  • Built in Greece
e-bike battery
marine battery
Marine batteries

Lithium batteries provide the perfect low weight and compact arrangement for marine applications

  • 12V, 24V and 48V marine batteries built to your requirements.
  •  Battery management systems (BMS) allows custom set up for charging and discharging to ensure extended battery life.
  • Remote BMS management via bluetooth android application
High performance car batteries

Custom-built, 12V Lithium-Ion Phosphate batteries for high-performance electric or combustion engine cars. Perfect for Vehicle to Load (V2L) applications where high discharge rates are required (C 2+) 

  • Tested on Tesla Model S and Nissan Leaf
  • Battery shrink wrapped or other to order
  • Up to 3000 cycles at 80% discharge
Tesla high performance 12V battery
power banks
Power banks

Powerbanks for charging phones and laptops are the smallest batteries we make. There is less restraint on the design of the enclosure and we can use some unusual quirky designs for gifts.

solar trailer event
Mobile solar power station

Get clean energy wherever your need with a custom made solar power trailer, with batteries. Great for outdoor events, building, farming, camping or for summer houses

  • 5 PV panels can produce up to 1.5 kW
  • 12volt 5kWh batteries
  • Bigger formats on request
  • Charge your batteries for night and power your equipment during the day
  • Run a full size fridge for 70+ hours
  • Run a 500w speaker for 10 hours after dark
Special projects

We love the challenge of anything unusual especially if its based upon getting the most out of your solar electric kit. In this case its putting a 2 kW inverter in a Tesla coupled with a new high discharge rate Lithium 12volt battery allowing us to cook vegetables in the ‘Frunk’.

special projects cooking car


Examples of batteries we can design for you.
power wall

14 kWh 24V Power Wall

Battery suitable for small to medium domestic applications. Made from new CATL Lithium Ion cells. As good as Tesla quality, more capacity than and 30% less cost.



Tesla high performance 12V battery

High power automotive

12volt 30Ah Lithium Polimer battery with high discharge (2C) allowing vehicle to load V2L. Tested for Tesla model S and Nissan Leaf


portable power station

1 kWp independent solar power station

Our Lithium Ion battery pack allows silent running, no emissions power for applications where a traditional  petrol or diesel generator would be used.